ANNOUNCING the Western electrical CONTRACTORS Education Foundation (WECEF) 2021 Scholarship ROUND!

The Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) is pleased to offer a scholarship opportunity for students enrolled in WECA’s Apprenticeship; Electrician Trainee program (ET); or Journey Level continuing Education programs.  These scholarships help support students in continuing their education with WECA.

Scholarships will be in amounts ranging from $200 to $500 per candidate and are to be used for the cost of books, tools, fees and/or tuition. The availability of scholarships may vary as funds permit. Awards are at the sole discretion of the WECEF Board of Directors. Awards are contingent upon the applicant’s ability to meet the eligibility and application requirements stated below. 


  • Must be actively enrolled or have been enrolled in the past calendar year in a WECA electrical training course(s) for the required Journey Level continuing education, Apprenticeship program or the Electrician Trainee (ET) program
  • Must have worked in the electrical field for at least 6 months with verifiable employment.
  • Must have transcripts showing successful completion of at least one WECA electrical course or semester before applying.
  • Must successfully complete and pass a minimum of a 32-hour course, a semester of apprenticeship, or an ET 100-400 series course with a minimum grade of 80%, if grades are applicable.
  • Must complete the application by following all the specific instructions and submit by due date.
  • New rule! Must not have already been granted a WECEF scholarship in 2020 (the prior award year).

AWARDS: The Award Committee will review applications from eligible candidates. Recipients will be selected based upon how well they meet the scholarship criteria and follow the application instructions.  Scholarship awards are limited to the funds available. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s final decision within 30 days from application deadline.

The following elements must be completed and submitted by deadline of February 15, 2021.

Application – Section 1

Responses – Section 2:  50%

References- Section 3: 25%

Review of academic performance: 25%


How to Apply: Download the application

Submit completed application by email OR Mail:


Mail: WECEF Scholarship

3695 Bleckely Street

Rancho Cordova, CA 95655


Congratulations to the Western electrical CONTRACTORS Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship Recipients for 2020!

Last year, we offered the opportunity for students enrolled in a WECA Apprenticeship program, Electrician Trainee program, or Journeyman-level continuing education classes to apply for the Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship.

(The WECEF Scholarship is intended to assist students whose career pursuits are in the electrical or low voltage fields and to help them in continuing their education with WECA.)

We were gratified by the number of applications we received this year, which resulted in the award of 38 scholarships.

Here are our 2020 WECEF Scholarship Recipients:

Edward J. Aguilar Brand – Electrician Trainee
Juan Aguilar Ramirez – Apprentice
Joseph Michael Agundes – Electrician Trainee
Pedro Andrade-Rodriguez – Apprentice
Alexander Bean – Apprentice
Thomas Castillo – Apprentice
Kenneth Champlin – Apprentice
Kevin Chase – Apprentice
Daniel Salas Cruz – Electrician Trainee
Tri Dotran – Apprentice
Kevin Duran – Apprentice
Christopher Espinoza Jr. – Electrician Trainee
Anthony Raul Flores – Apprentice
Alejandro Garcia – Apprentice
Fernando Godinez – Apprentice
Tristan Gonzales – Apprentice
Willis Gunstone – Electrician Trainee
Brandon Halford – Apprentice
Justin Hardy – Apprentice
David Koon – Electrician Trainee
Alexander LeBeauf – Apprentice
Timofy Lychagin – Apprentice
Sebastian McEacher – Apprentice
Cesar Mendoza – Apprentice
Thomas Meyers – Apprentice
Alfredo Miranda Rivas – Apprentice
Xavian Morales-Jimenez – Apprentice
Eduardo Moya – Apprentice
Nicolai Olson – Apprentice
Stephen Perrett – Apprentice
Benjamin Ramirez Jr. – Apprentice
Jeremy Roberts – Apprentice
Johnathan Salas – Electrician Trainee
Johnny Salas – Electrician Trainee
Austin Santana – Apprentice
Agustin Torres – Apprentice
Erick Valencia – Apprentice
Cody Joel Williams – Apprentice

Past Winners:

2019 WECEF Scholarship Winners

2018 WECEF Scholarship Winners